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Pangaea Pay Per Click Google Campaigns ( PPC )

Pangaea Technologies Inc. can help your website achieve instant results through Pay Per Click advertising utilizing the popular Google Ad-words Campaign System. Our experienced search engine marketing team will create campaigns targeted towards your industry keywords and constantly monitor and adjust the campaign for maximum efficiency and profit.Pangaea PPC

We aim to provide clients with Return on Investment by helping drive sales and leads through Pay Per Click advertising while only paying optimal prices for targeted clicks.

Whether you wish us to maintain and improve your current Pay Per Click advertising or create a new campaign for your website, we have the skills and experience required to successfully manage your campaign. This free's up your time and allowing you to concentrate on your business or other projects.

We follow steps that have proven to be successful:

Step 1 - Keyword Analysis

We research and analyze keywords related to your business and examine the popularity of these words. This analysis establishes the relevance of searches conducted by individuals, the competition for the keywords and an estimated cost per click of selected keywords.

Step 2 - Create Pay-Per-Click Ads

We create an optimal text based ad for your PPC campaign and recommend or create landing pages for these ads. Campaigns may have multiple landing pages and we ensure that each landing page has been optimized for the user.

Step 3 - Setup the Pay-Per-Click Budget

A budget will be setup for each campaign. A daily budget will be setup and individual keywords will be assigned a PPC rate.

Step 4 - Monitor and Adjust the Pay-Per-Click Campaign

With nearly real time reporting, we can identify what works and what doesn't. The campaign will be monitored and adjusted to maximize click through's while meeting budget restrictions.

Some of Pangaea's Services Include:

Professional Web Design / Development
SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Hosting Corporate Class Hosting and Domain Services

Contact us and see what we can do for you.

Client SEO Google Rankings
SEO Ranking King-Reed & Associates Inc.
Keyword Phrase Ranking
insurance investigation ontario Page 1
legal investigation services Page 1
claims investigation ontario Page 1
SEO Ranking Arcadia Academy of Music
Keyword Phrase Ranking
music school Page 1
music academy Page 1
school of music Page 1
SEO Ranking Migun Canada
Keyword Phrase Ranking
thermal massage bed Page 1
massage bed Page 1
massage health bed Page 1
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